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I Can Pee Standing Up And Damn Proud About It

October 31st, 2010 | Stacy Kwan

There are times like these when I feel lucky to know how to pee standing up!  The other night I was at a bar with one of my girlfriends. We had been catching up, as we hadn’t seen each other in a while, and had 4 or 5 rounds of beers.

As the bar was closing we headed out and walked a couple of blocks to the parking lot and both of us realized then and there we each really needed to pee!  All the shops around were closed and our only option was to pee in the parking lot by the bushes that were right next to the sidewalk.

Slightly drunk, I told my friend that I can pee standing up. I let it go with a clean stream and no mess as my friend looked on as she dropped to squat and pee.  She popped her squat and as she started to pee fell backward right into her own pee!  Talk about embarrassing! Needless to say, she was blown away by my MAD SKILLZ!



There are times like this when women wish they knew how to pee standing up, unless of course you prefer to squat… fumble around your purse for a “female urinary device,” which you probably forgot at home.

The thing is, that is not a unique occurrence. It happens every weekend in every city and on every college campus with just about every woman at some point.  Now you have a choice, squat, spray and pray – or learn to pee standing up! DVD Download Discount Coupon Code

October 24th, 2010 | Stacy Kwan

OK, so maybe we shouldn’t be posting this directly on our website, but….shhhhh!

Here is a coupon code if you head over to we have a discount for our DVD and the video download.  So if you have been on the fence of whether you really want to change your lifestyle and learn how to pee standing up, you can save a few bucks!

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Female Urinary Device or

October 12th, 2010 | Stacy Kwan

The Debate: Why learn to pee standing when I can use a device to assist me, a FUD, or as some affectionately call a Female Urinary Device?

P-Mate, Go-Girl, Urinelle, She-Nis, you name it, I’ve tried them. Out of curiosity, I ordered these products to try to see the effectiveness of these devices when I was tired of having to pop a squat to pee.

The P-Mate, which is very similar to the Urinelle and other products that go by different names, seemed a bit flimsy, since it is just cardboard. My first impression: Gross, uncomfortable, flimsy, the paper material of the P-Mate felt uncomfortable against my skin – I thought I was going to get a paper cut!

A Female Urinary Device Is Nothing More Than A Paper Funnel

A Female Urinary Device Is Nothing More Than A Paper Funnel

It dripped when I was finished peeing, and then another
question came to mind: where would you toss it if you were out
camping or hiking? In the bushes? Would you put a pee-soaked paper product in your pocket? Then it would become trash and litter! Also,
if you needed to pee for a long time, the product seemed to get flimsier
because of the paper material. The funnel gave no trajectory for the pee
so it basically landed near my foot. Finally, you need to always buy more after you run out. It seemed to do the trick when in need, but after I had finished, I did not feel *clean* down there if you know what I mean.

All in all, I would not want to carry around a filthy funnel after having
used it and I sure wouldn’t feel comfortable tossing it in the trash and contributing to suburban landfill.

More on other products in upcoming blogs, but keep this in mind: funnel or your own body? Training wheels or skills?  Funnel or

Why A Girl Would Want To Learn How To Pee Standing Up

October 3rd, 2010 | Stacy Kwan

Many have asked this question: “Why would a girl want to learn to pee standing up?”  Most doubt that this skill is possible for a woman, and some women claim they have never had a need to pee anywhere other than a clean toilet and never outdoors.  But ask yourself: Do you enjoy outdoor activities?  Do you play sports? Ever go backpacking, hiking or camping? Do you enjoy nightlife, clubs or concerts? Have you ever found yourself away from a bathroom and really needed to pee, and there you were outside with no other option?  Did you pop a squat and pee?

Some girls have never experienced this and live in a bubble, but they are in the minority.  Sure, the occasional squat outdoors isn’t that bad, but what if you were in a situation where squatting to pee wouldn’t be desirable, or if you knew ahead of time you’d be squatting several times that day, like on a hiking trip?  Or imagine you are at a bonfire and need to pee; the sand is unstable and you could easily tip over while squatting. The wind is blowing the sand all around you and into your pants, and the guys are just standing up and aiming.  And of course we have all used public restrooms say, at a park or movie theater, and you know those toilets tend to be very unsanitary and can smell atrocious.

I would like to share on personal experience from when I was on a hiking trip in Yosemite National Park, a number of years ago.  There was a long line for the outhouses at the beginning of the trail, and the stall I ended up in smelled like death!  It was basically a big toilet that had no running water and had flies buzzing all over the place. It was disgusting!

At that time, I didn’t know how to pee standing up, but I can tell you right then I really wished I could!

Yosemite Outshouse Where I Popped A Squat To Pee

Yosemite Outhouse Where I Popped A Squat To Pee

My guy friends on that trip could just stand away from that filth and shoot right in with no problem.  We girls, however, had to somehow hover or squat over the toilet, or heaven forbid, sit on the seat without a seat cover! Of course we could always pop a squat outside near a bush, where tons of people were walking by and something could crawl into your pants. What a choice!

The Stand2Pee Instructional DVD will allow you the opportunity to learn how to pee standing up from the convenience of your own home without the assistance of any funnels or devices.  That’s right, women CAN learn to pee standing up naturally! Our DVD will guide you step-by-step, training you with the necessary progressions to prepare mentally and physically to pee standing up with bottoms on AND without the use of any devices.

Learning to pee standing up will definitely help those who find themselves squatting when they have no other options, waiting in long lines for a dirty stall…plus it’s incredibly cool!