DVD or The She-Nis

November 7th, 2010 | Stacy Kwan

OMG, there are all these gadgets on the market that offer women an option to LEARNING how to pee standing up, and sorry to all these companies and designers, you are a at best a crutch or set of training wheels, and at worst, a joke.

Most of these devices are variations of a funnel that a woman places “there” and pees into it, and the gadget directs the pee outward.  None of them do what can do – they offer training wheels!  The funkiest of all of these gadgets, the gag-gift if there was one is the…the…The She-Nis!

I took one look at this and thought, there is no way on earth I would want to be caught dead carrying this thing around…it’s like carrying a mini log, or a plastic turd!  It’s a joke and it looks and feels gross…like a sex toy.

So, I bought one of these and yes, I tried it.  It’s not that easy to use…it is, in my opinion, very uncomfortable and offers too much room for leakage and messes and doesn’t offer any trajectory – the pee sort of drizzles out the end. Luckily I know how to pee standing up and even if I didn’t, I’d stay away from this one.  I can just imagine getting stopped at airport security and guard pulling this from my bag and looking at me with a frown and dropped jaw!

Real women learn Stand2Pee and don't use a She-Nis!

Real women learn Stand2Pee and don't use a She-Nis!

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