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Free Sticker and Card

January 25th, 2011 | Stacy Kwan

If you would like to grab a sticker and 2-sided card please send a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to:

2530 Berryessa Road, Suite 354

San Jose, CA 95132

If you are outside the USA, please send your address along with $1 USD to cover postage.

These stickers are pretty cool and the postcard has the DVD cover picture on one side and the girls standing at the urinals on the other! Free Sticker Free Sticker

Stand2Pee DVD Discount Code Expires January 31

January 21st, 2011 | Stacy Kwan

Almost forgot, we still have a discount promo til 1/31 through our online partner – type in ‘discount’

Stand2Pee Satisfied Customer Email

January 20th, 2011 | Stacy Kwan

After my post a couple of days ago, I got a number of emails bashing the bashers and offering some love for Stacy Kwan and Stand2Pee, so thanks!

Here is part of an email from a gal who appears to be a rather satisfied customer:

“You know, I didn’t want to learn how to pee standing up until my friend prodded me into doing it because she said that I would need this sometime when I least expect it.  So I decided to buy your DVD after procrastinating for a few hours and a few glasses of wine.”

“Sure enough, several weeks later I was hiking with a group of friends on a chilly December afternoon. We had all had something warm before we left and had water along the way, but the coffee was the kicker and about an hour in one my friends really had to go.  The trail was sloped and uneven, so my friend took a good minute getting settled before she squatted. My turn came about an hour later and I was debating whether to squat or just go for it and freak out my hiking mates. I decided to stand and was able to pee neatly and cleanly without getting anything on my pants. Yes, my friends were freaking amazed, you should have seen them howl!”

Stand2Pee Hate Mail From Scared Men

January 16th, 2011 | Stacy Kwan

When we launched the Stand2Pee website and announced we had produced the first instructional DVD that teaches women how to pee standing up, it was a given we would get a lot of mail, good, bad and not much in between.

The thought of a woman peeing standing up is seen as liberating by many, perverted by some and against God’s will by others. Let’s face it, this is a very polarizing subject, but any idea that some of the venom we would receive…The hate mail began immediately after the press release and only increased as got press coverage and I did radio interviews all over North America, from San Francisco to Toronto, from Juneau to New Jersey.

Clearly many men are threatened by the thought that their precious urinals are no longer their exclusive domain, while others are just afraid of change. Of course not all the mail is negative, in fact, we get at least one positive email a month. That’s a joke, folks!

Here are some of the emails and my responses:

“For a woman to stand to pee is unnatural. This is disgusting and you are disgusting…”

“A woman standing to pee? Is this a f***ing joke”

“Give up the penis envy you (ethnic comment) bitch…”

“If I ever see you at a urinal I’ll f*** you up…”

“God meant women to squat, I hope you burn in hell…”

And these were the civil comments. This shows me we are making a splash, so keep it coming!

Really now, nowhere is it written in stone that women must sit/squat and men stand. And if someone can find it, I am here trying to change it. I am sick of the debate between Man and Woman that ends with them woman saying, “Well, the only advantage you men have is being able to pee standing up.”

I and now 1000′s of women are now living proof that the debate above is dying pretty quick!

Girls Squatting to Pee in The Nightclub Parking Lot

January 15th, 2011 | Stacy Kwan

I was home working on a project last night when the phone rang. I put up a valiant fight but the next thing I knew I was in the SOMA district in San Francisco inside a club with a few of my girlfriends.

The place was packed when we arrived just before midnight and we had to wait in a long line just to get inside the club. Once we got inside there was another line with about 50 girls waiting in line for way-too-small bathroom. The line got longer as the night wound down and was filled with girls doing the “I-Gotta-Pee” dance when we left right around closing time.

The parking lot on Third and Harrison is on a pretty busy intersection, but sure enough, as we walked to the car, what do we see? There were three girls up against a delivery truck where they thought nobody could see them squatting to pee, except the truck was so high that anyone walking by could see their butts. How embarrassing!

Girls, if you go clubbing, you will have to wait in long lines for dirty stalls, you know that. And you may find yourself doing what these girls did – getting into a very compromising position in a very public place. Why not invest in the Stand2Pee DVD and when nature calls in a not-so-friendly location, you can just pee standing up?