Archive for March, 2011 Donates $10 From Each DVD Sold for Japan

March 26th, 2011 | Stacy Kwan is donating $10.00 from each DVD sold directly from our website and $5.00 from each download, to the Red Cross to help efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This program will be in effect though April 30th.

We are hoping that for all of you who happen to be on the fence about making this purchase will push you over the top to finally learn how to pee standing up. And for all you women out there that use a funnel by any name, be it a p-mate or go-girl, or a dime-store funnel, step up to the real thing, and help out someone else while helping yourself.

We urge you to tell a friend, tweet, blog, “like” this on Facebook or just do it yourself!



Stand2Pee DVD St Patrick’s Day Sale

March 11th, 2011 | Stacy Kwan

The lowest price ever for the Stand2Pee DVD! Celebrating St Patty’s Day, enter the code ‘patrick’ to get yours for just $12.95 this weekend only – DVD On Sale This Weekend