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Risking Your Life to Pee

February 7th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

Would you risk your life to go pee? If you are a girl, a girl who drinks, and a girl who drinks while on a boat with no bathroom, you may fall into this category.

Spring Break each year is filled with stories of lakes, bays and rivers where boats are filled with drinking students taking a week from studying and chilling out far from parental guidance and overbearing professors. Beer, beer and more beer means peeing and more peeing, and when on a small boat, the surrounding water is where the used beer ends up.

The guys head to the boat’s edge and arc easily into the lake. Girls, on the other hand, have to take a number of things into consideration. Who is around? Are there any other boats close by? Can anyone see me from the shore? She could take a dip into the water, but more often than not, she sits on the boat’s railing and provides a full moon.

If she’s had a few brews, her balance on the railing may not be very good and if it is after dark, teetering on the edge can be rather dangerous. A miscalculation can result into an unwanted tumble into the night that could be fatal. We are now working with several outdoors shops to stock our Stand2Pee DVD on their shelves to help level the boating playing field for women and possibly save a life.

Girl Peeing Into a Lake

Girl peeing into a lake from the side of a boat



Girl in Levi’s TV Commercial Using a Urinal

February 6th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

I came across this video on YouTube recently of a mock/demo commercial for Levi’s jeans. It’s a pretty gal on a hot day who’s been drinking way too much water. She needs to find a place to let it out.

She looks high and low and there is no place to pop a squat so she runs into off building, sees a great looking guy in the elevator. She tries the women’s room door which is locked and out of desperation follows him into the men’s room and sides up next to him at the urinal to his right.

She drops her trousers and then sits, yes, sits on the urinal’s edge while looking flirtatiously at the guy, and he to her.

Girl Using a Urinal in Levi’s Commercial

It would have awesome if the commercial’s director, Nailah Holliday had seen the Stand2Pee DVD and utilized that knowledge into her piece…that would have made it 200% cooler, in one girl’s opinion

Squat Toilets in China With Very Little Privacy

February 5th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

As someone who has traveled to the parts of the world that have not embraced Western-style toilets, let me tell you first-hand, it is tough to be a girl at times.

As we outline in the Stand2Pee video, the ability to pee standing up comes in handy many times each day when confronted with glorified holes in the ground that women are expected to use without question. In some cases there are no doors or partitions and you have women, often times, many of women popping squats next to each other…lovely image, huh?

A Facebook follower sent me this link below of public toilets in China where they put thigh-high pink partitions around these floor toilets, offering just enough room to straddle and squat. Honestly, I’m not sure how I would personally handle this situation. There is not enough room to stand and aim, so I suppose I would have to conform and deal with my cramped surroundings.

Chinese Women Squatting to Pee in Public Restroom

My belief here is that if Chinese women are willing to use this type of facility with limited privacy, they would be willing to use urinals with partitions, provided China begins teaching girls how to pee standing up.

The Reason Behind Stand2Pee

February 4th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

I get asked all the time, “Why did you start Stand2Pee?”

The simple answer is, it is a needed product in a world where women are often second-class citizens when it comes to plumbing fixtures and convenience. And yes, there are gadgets, but if one wants to proceed through life with training wheels versus actual skill, so be it.

I came across two very powerful quotes over the weekend that just helped build my resolve even more when it comes to WHY.

Google CEO, Larry Page, said “If you’re not doing something crazy, you’re doing the wrong things.” People tell me I am crazy, all the time, so thank you for the validation!

Sir Richard Branson said “All progress comes from entrepreneurs with big ideas.” Since Stand2Pee is the only company talking a stand, so to speak for women and willing to make a substantial investment in the teaching of the skill, this again validates our mission.