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Sitting On A Urinal Out of Desperation

January 9th, 2014 | Stacy Kwan

Since the website launched and I started writing a blog discussing the trials and tribulations of being female away from the comforts of home, the mail started pouring in. Some has been positive, some negative, some perverted, and some plain weird! Along the way, many have sent pictures that match the descriptive words above. Some of these pictures are of girls sitting on a urinal.

Yes, I said SITTING on a urinal!

For the life of me, I cannot fathom sitting on the lip of a urinal with my bare skin touching any part of the porcelain and the only logic I can lend to this scenario is that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Woman using a urinal

Woman Sitting on a Urinal at a Concert

Someone snapped this picture at a concert, and it’s seems to be pretty clear this is not a posed shot of some girls in a college dorm in a controlled environment, but one where the lines to both the women’s room and the stalls in the men’s room were too long and the only option available was to back in to the urinal.  All I can say is, poor thing.

For all the Go-Girl fans and women that use a funnel, this is the perfect example of what happens when you forget the FUD – you are SOL!  The one-day investment into learning how to pee standing up pays lifetime dividends – dividends this woman in that exact moment likely wishes she had made.

Women Can Use Amsterdam Urinals

November 30th, 2012 | Stacy Kwan

In the past year I have had lots, and I mean lots of pictures sent to me. Some are of girls that have conquered Stand2Pee, some are perverts who have no life and some are pictures of girls who have had to pee so bad they have resorted to the absurd.

When I say absurd, I mean girls that have had to squat in a compromising place while their male friends easily stand, or back into a urinal rather than stand and use the Stand2Pee method taught on our Instructional DVD.  Now to be fair, most women do not know about what our DVD teaches, and many still, prefer to be tragic and get into absurd positions.

This picture is a perfect encapsulation; Amsterdam’s famous street urinals. Girls stare in bewilderment, anger, envy and amazement all at the same time as guys walk up, go, and walk away, when women need to find a coffee shop, doorway or spot between two parked cars. This girl backed up to the urinal and sat on the edge to pee. Poor thing. If she learned the Stand2Pee method she would be standing same as the guy.

This is also another reason why a FUD – Female Urinary Device – or essentially a funnel, is not the solution. Forget your FUD and you are SOL – Squatting On Land!

Female Urinary Device or

October 12th, 2010 | Stacy Kwan

The Debate: Why learn to pee standing when I can use a device to assist me, a FUD, or as some affectionately call a Female Urinary Device?

P-Mate, Go-Girl, Urinelle, She-Nis, you name it, I’ve tried them. Out of curiosity, I ordered these products to try to see the effectiveness of these devices when I was tired of having to pop a squat to pee.

The P-Mate, which is very similar to the Urinelle and other products that go by different names, seemed a bit flimsy, since it is just cardboard. My first impression: Gross, uncomfortable, flimsy, the paper material of the P-Mate felt uncomfortable against my skin – I thought I was going to get a paper cut!

A Female Urinary Device Is Nothing More Than A Paper Funnel

A Female Urinary Device Is Nothing More Than A Paper Funnel

It dripped when I was finished peeing, and then another
question came to mind: where would you toss it if you were out
camping or hiking? In the bushes? Would you put a pee-soaked paper product in your pocket? Then it would become trash and litter! Also,
if you needed to pee for a long time, the product seemed to get flimsier
because of the paper material. The funnel gave no trajectory for the pee
so it basically landed near my foot. Finally, you need to always buy more after you run out. It seemed to do the trick when in need, but after I had finished, I did not feel *clean* down there if you know what I mean.

All in all, I would not want to carry around a filthy funnel after having
used it and I sure wouldn’t feel comfortable tossing it in the trash and contributing to suburban landfill.

More on other products in upcoming blogs, but keep this in mind: funnel or your own body? Training wheels or skills?  Funnel or