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Risking Your Life to Pee

February 7th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

Would you risk your life to go pee? If you are a girl, a girl who drinks, and a girl who drinks while on a boat with no bathroom, you may fall into this category.

Spring Break each year is filled with stories of lakes, bays and rivers where boats are filled with drinking students taking a week from studying and chilling out far from parental guidance and overbearing professors. Beer, beer and more beer means peeing and more peeing, and when on a small boat, the surrounding water is where the used beer ends up.

The guys head to the boat’s edge and arc easily into the lake. Girls, on the other hand, have to take a number of things into consideration. Who is around? Are there any other boats close by? Can anyone see me from the shore? She could take a dip into the water, but more often than not, she sits on the boat’s railing and provides a full moon.

If she’s had a few brews, her balance on the railing may not be very good and if it is after dark, teetering on the edge can be rather dangerous. A miscalculation can result into an unwanted tumble into the night that could be fatal. We are now working with several outdoors shops to stock our Stand2Pee DVD on their shelves to help level the boating playing field for women and possibly save a life.

Girl Peeing Into a Lake

Girl peeing into a lake from the side of a boat



Women Can Use Amsterdam Urinals

November 30th, 2012 | Stacy Kwan

In the past year I have had lots, and I mean lots of pictures sent to me. Some are of girls that have conquered Stand2Pee, some are perverts who have no life and some are pictures of girls who have had to pee so bad they have resorted to the absurd.

When I say absurd, I mean girls that have had to squat in a compromising place while their male friends easily stand, or back into a urinal rather than stand and use the Stand2Pee method taught on our Instructional DVD.  Now to be fair, most women do not know about what our DVD teaches, and many still, prefer to be tragic and get into absurd positions.

This picture is a perfect¬†encapsulation; Amsterdam’s famous street urinals. Girls stare in bewilderment, anger, envy and amazement all at the same time as guys walk up, go, and walk away, when women need to find a coffee shop, doorway or spot between two parked cars. This girl backed up to the urinal and sat on the edge to pee. Poor thing. If she learned the Stand2Pee method she would be standing same as the guy.

This is also another reason why a FUD – Female Urinary Device – or essentially a funnel, is not the solution. Forget your FUD and you are SOL – Squatting On Land!