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Squat Toilets in China With Very Little Privacy

February 5th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

As someone who has traveled to the parts of the world that have not embraced Western-style toilets, let me tell you first-hand, it is tough to be a girl at times.

As we outline in the Stand2Pee video, the ability to pee standing up comes in handy many times each day when confronted with glorified holes in the ground that women are expected to use without question. In some cases there are no doors or partitions and you have women, often times, many of women popping squats next to each other…lovely image, huh?

A Facebook follower sent me this link below of public toilets in China where they put thigh-high pink partitions around these floor toilets, offering just enough room to straddle and squat. Honestly, I’m not sure how I would personally handle this situation. There is not enough room to stand and aim, so I suppose I would have to conform and deal with my cramped surroundings.

Chinese Women Squatting to Pee in Public Restroom

My belief here is that if Chinese women are willing to use this type of facility with limited privacy, they would be willing to use urinals with partitions, provided China begins teaching girls how to pee standing up.

Popping A Squat Because She Cannot Use A Urinal

January 25th, 2013 | Stacy Kwan

Think for a moment how many events the average woman attends in her lifetime where the ability to pee standing up would be faster, cleaner and easier. Dozens, easily. Hundreds, for sure. Thousands, possibly.

The mall, the movie theater, hiking, camping, bonfires, concerts, clubs, ball games, and probably dozens more.

It seems where women typically have the hardest time are at large-scale music festivals where there are porta-potties and the bushes, and not much else. On occasions, the show organizers wheel in portable urinals, and this solves the problem for men, but as you can see here, the lack of Stand2Pee knowledge promts these gals to pop a squat right next to the available urinals for the simple reason – they don’t know how to pee standing up. It is a problem with a solution, and it does not come in the shape of a funnel!

Girls Unable to Use the Urinal

Girls Squatting to Pee Because They Cannot Use a Urinal


Girls Squatting to Pee in The Nightclub Parking Lot

January 15th, 2011 | Stacy Kwan

I was home working on a project last night when the phone rang. I put up a valiant fight but the next thing I knew I was in the SOMA district in San Francisco inside a club with a few of my girlfriends.

The place was packed when we arrived just before midnight and we had to wait in a long line just to get inside the club. Once we got inside there was another line with about 50 girls waiting in line for way-too-small bathroom. The line got longer as the night wound down and was filled with girls doing the “I-Gotta-Pee” dance when we left right around closing time.

The parking lot on Third and Harrison is on a pretty busy intersection, but sure enough, as we walked to the car, what do we see? There were three girls up against a delivery truck where they thought nobody could see them squatting to pee, except the truck was so high that anyone walking by could see their butts. How embarrassing!

Girls, if you go clubbing, you will have to wait in long lines for dirty stalls, you know that. And you may find yourself doing what these girls did – getting into a very compromising position in a very public place. Why not invest in the Stand2Pee DVD and when nature calls in a not-so-friendly location, you can just pee standing up?