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The ability to pee standing up is a skill most women have wished they could do at various times in their life. Most women gave up this dream as a toddler when attempting to copy a boy, it ended miserably and your mother chastised you by saying only boys can do that. Since then you have endured unsanitary public facilities, long and never-ending lines for a dirty stall so you can hover over a seat, or popped a squat when outdoors.

Companies have been making funnel-type devices that direct your pee for nearly 20-years, and while these gadgets can serve a purpose, most are bulky or environmentally unfriendly cardboard for a single-use. If you forget your FUD (female urinary device) you are SOL (squatting on land).

Yes, you can stop popping squats on hiking and camping trips, stand back and aim for the water instead of hovering over dirty seats, and use the urinals at concerts and clubs when the lines for the women’s room is too long and the girls have taken over the men’s room. provides the only comprehensive instructional DVD that teaches women how to pee standing up in the comfort of your own home – without the need for gizmos, gadgets or training wheels. In a single day you will learn what society, your mom, girlfriends and most everyone else believes is impossible for a female to do – pee standing up!

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