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Stacy Kwan is the pre-eminent global expert on Stand2Pee.

Stacy Kwan is the expert in teaching women the ability to pee standing up without the aid of funnels or urinary devices. Stacy grew up in Southern California and attended university in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Frustrated with having to pop a squat and pee on outdoor adventures or using flimsy, cumbersome and inefficient female urination funnels and devices, Stacy mastered the skill of standing to pee in a short period of time with the help of the now-retired Stand2Pee-guru Rich-Ard, who had been teaching Stand2Pee for over a decade. With his encouragement, Stacy began teaching when friends and acquaintances expressed interest in learning the skill, and since then the number of girls wanting to learn Stand2Pee has expanded dramatically. Stacy is the now viewed as the leading global expert on Stand2Pee!

An avid international traveler, Stacy has witnessed first-hand the trials and tribulations women endure when nature’s need to pee calls. From the public street urinals in Amsterdam, which women believe they cannot use, to the squat-to-pee toilets in rural Southeast Asia, Stacy has worked diligently to teach women how to use their own God-given anatomy to pee standing up and stop hiding, squatting and hovering. Stacy is now spreading the word that a woman can pee standing up without any so-called “female urination device” that some call a FUD.

Today, Stacy is the Chief Evangelist and spokesperson for, as well as a sought after guest for radio shows, articles and features on the subject. Stacy has put together this Stand2Pee DVD to help other women learn to pee standing up in the convenience and privacy of their own homes. Reach Stacy directly for interview requests: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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