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Is it really possible for a girl stand up and pee

Despite what your mother told you as a girl, and what most of society believes, yes, you as female can pee standing up – if you learn how.

Why would a woman want to learn how to pee standing up?

If you’ve ever gone hiking or camping and squatted to pee in tall grass or the side of a mountain, or on the side of a road; if you’ve ever had to hover over a dirty toilet seat, if you’ve ever had to wait in a long line for a stall when urinals were available at a club or concert…that’s why!

When would a girl or woman need these skills?

It can be any day or every day, but one way to think about it is whenever you might be in a situation that you would pee squatting outdoors, or hover over a seat instead of sitting this skill will be very useful. If not, you will likely find the need for this skill in the future!

How long will it take to learn?

Typically anywhere from a couple of hours up to a full day depending on the time and effort you put into learning. The more time and effort you take to conquer the obstacles in learning, the sooner you can master the skill!

How far will I be able to pee?

As the commercial says, "your results may vary," and that is so true with Stand2Pee, as we are all built differently. Some girls can pee over five-feet in distance, and others much less. The average women will be able to pee between 2.5 feet and 3 feet in distance.

Can a girl really write her name in the snow?

Yes, she can, but if her name is Bernadette that may be a problem since it’s so long! But seriously, you will learn how to aim and use trajectory, the rest is based on your cursive skills.

Will I be able to use a urinal?

Yes, if you can master the obstacles typically faced when learning to stand to pee with bottoms on, you can face the wall and use the urinal!

How is this technique different from using a funnel or a device?

This technique does not call for any gadgets or devices - after learning the Stand2Pee technique you rely solely on your own physical skills. This technique does not require you to carry any devices with you in order to utilize. Unlike other methods, you can't forget to bring any gadgets to assist you!

Can’t I just teach myself without this product?

That would be like teaching yourself to fly a plane without receiving proper training and instruction - you will have a mess and even a disaster! There is more to peeing standing than just technical skills, such as conquering your mental and psychological barriers!

Do I need to take off my clothes?

If you don't want to create a big mess when learning, then yes. The technique requires you to take your bottoms off when first learning. If you prefer not to, then you can keep a skirt on when first learning, but this may create a mental barrier that can slow your progress when learning.

Stand2Pee sounds exciting, how do I know this is right for me?

Stand2Pee has changed the leisure lifestyle for thousands of women all over the world giving them freedom of choice when the need to pee arises. We are not saying you should pee standing up every time, as that will be a personal choice, but since bathroom facilities are not equal between men and women in the United States or around the world, Stand2Pee provides an excellent alternative and in many cases a sense of leveling the playing field.


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